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Design Talent competition, but brand new. Now we are not looking only for talent, we looking for the best. More than € 10,000 awaits the best from around the world. The contest is open to everyone under 30 years of age.


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Open registration

Until 13/2/17

Talent is not enough, show your best!

How can you win?

Submit your application to the largest design contest in Central Europe and the show the international competition what you can do. You can get an internship at a prestigious design firm and win € 4,000 on top of that. Become a winner of the Best in Design and open the door to a lot of options.

What we are competing for?

Imported Layers

Main prize

€ 4,000 + internshipImported Layers
  1. € 1000 + internship
  2. € 300
  3. € 200
All prizes

More info

Deadline in two months
  1. Submit your work, created at the earliest on January 1st 2015
  2. Choose from four competition categories
  3. Send your work till 13. 2. 2017
  4. Wait till 28. 4. 2017 and recieve the main prize
Complete rules

So do not hesitateand send your work today!

How was the last year?

Last year we received 1,320 contest proposals, which is twice as many as 2015. We have granted titles of Talent design and handed over € 10,000. The absolute winner in graphic design project of the football culture Jedenástky became Andrej Čanecký and Andrej Barčák.

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