Workshops and creative seminars

Zlin Design Week also has a rich educational and creative accompanying programme for both the professional and general public. Our workshops are not just meetings, they are a means to develop your skills or discover new perspectives. Each workshop is designed to give you specific skills and tools that you can start using immediately in your professional and personal life.

Creative workshops and open workshops await the general public, children, adults and seniors. The creative workshops and public workshops are carried out in collaboration with our partners, local studios and a platform dedicated to the education of children in particular – Designéři dětem. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore new horizons, make new friends and take away valuable knowledge.


workshops and creative workshops for schools and the public last year

From designers to children: creative material workshop upcycling and recycling not only for children

Creative work with materials and unnecessary things that would otherwise end up in the garbage. The workshop aimed to perceive waste as a resource for creative work and to learn new artistic techniques (recycling, upcycling) to create useful and artistic objects. The workshop was designed for creative children and adults. The workshop was led by an experienced lecturer, designer Martina Hamouzová.

Keramikes: creative ceramic workshop – spinning on the potter’s wheel

In the creative ceramics workshop in the new Keramikes workroom, you tried your hand at spinning on the potter’s wheel. The basic rules, techniques, techniques, and demonstrations were explained. You had three kilograms of clay at your disposal (the amount is equivalent to six large mugs).

TONAK workshop

At the workshop, we introduced you theoretically to the production of unique TONAK hats. You learned about the production process, why the hat was the most sustainable piece in your wardrobe, and how to take care of it. In the second part of the workshop, you chose from the available hat blanks on the spot and you stared creating! There were hat ribbons, straps, ribbons, beads, feathers, as well as paints you can use to paint your hat.