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Fashion Design itself gets a little more space in the anniversary programme than before. We are taking our Fashion Show to the next level. More information coming soon.

designers who presented their work in 2023

Kristýna Lovas Šenkýřová

Kristýna is a student in the final year of the Master’s programme at the Atelier of Clothing and Footwear at the Prague UMPRUM under the supervision of prof. Liběna Rochová. In her previous projects, she always focused on themes that touched on femininity and physicality. “I was inspired by the fate of women at the turn of the 19th – 20th century, but also by the issue of modern self-presentation on social networks, female cyclicality or creation for diverse female bodies.” In addition to her school projects, Kristýna founded her own brand Lovas and, together with her husband Vlastimil Šenkýř, founded the TAKAVETE brand.

The Many Faces Of One Womean
“My collection is inspired by the personality of Sidonie Gabriel Colette. When I hear the word France, I think of a woman of refined taste and incredible charisma, just like Colette. The eminent French writer inspires me with her versatile approach to her own life. In addition to being the aforementioned writer, Colette was at first a relatively wealthy daughter growing up in the French countryside. Then, from an unhappy marriage, she ran away to the theatre and became an extravagant mimic, an actress, an actress, it was then called – a variety artist. She was also a cosmetics entrepreneur for a while. Above all, she was a woman who, in her prime, was not afraid to speak publicly about her sexuality and outraged society with the masculinity of her clothing. She became an independent, confident woman writer, which lasted almost to the end of her life. I am compiling all these phases, the essence of the course of her life, into a collection called Madame Colette’s Woman of Many Faces.”


Silvie Zrebna presented herself in many fashion runaways and exhibitions, for example, Fashion Week London, Fashion Live! in Bratislava, or showrooms under the organisation Slovak Fashion Council. In addition to her own brand, she works on private commissions and also creates costumes for theatrical performances.

MOTTO Collection
“The collection is very personal, it is a statement of my life values so far. It’s feminine, ambitious, but at the same time, it has a bit of insecurity and fear. The most striking feature is the narrow waist and oversized shoulders. The garments have details that elevate classic cuts to an original design. Materials are an important component of the collection, from coarse wool coats to trousers and dresses in comfortable viscose or leatherette skirts to fine silk. Green leatherette is a very distinctive element of the whole. The green colour represents harmony and growth, it elevates the emotion in the collection. The collection is designed for women, men, and anyone who perceives themselves and their body and identifies with the MOTTO collection.”


Designer Adéla Mitrengová prides herself on the principle of quality over quantity. Under her hands, she creates minimalistic yet characteristic pieces. Her work focuses specifically on handbags, which she designs with an emphasis on variability and modularity. The handbags are sewn from premium Italian Gruppo Mastrotto leather, meeting high standards of sustainability, but coming to the world near the Bohemian Forest.

CANDY SHOP collection
“The latest Candy Shop collection features playfulness, unusual shapes and colour combinations inspired by sweets. The Milkshake Tote bag, Dessert bag and Muffin case allow you to sin without regret. When designing, I explored the two human senses of taste and sight and the line between them. We know the sweet taste, and I wanted to translate it into a visual sense so that the collection feels sweet to the eye. The collection was presented in the design confectionery in autumn 2022 created for Czech Design Week and won the CZECH GRAND AWARD.”


Juliána Brnáková is a young fashion designer who emphasizes slow fashion and local production in her work. She is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and is currently in the final year of her Master’s degree. She works with textile waste, which she gives a second chance. She has created her own original material from textile waste produced during the production of socks. Each product is an original handmade piece made by the artist herself.

“The collection literally gives a chance to textile waste that would not be used further in the garment space. The waste is taken directly from the production environment, it’s various fabric scraps, scraps of thread, and scraps of socks. The models are made from materials that have been directly created from waste. We can talk about zero waste creation, as the collection not only processes waste but also does not produce any more waste. It shows how such unnecessary textile waste could be further used in different areas of the clothing and textile industry so that it is recycled. The models incorporate a large proportion of handmade techniques. There are also garments inspired by textile waste itself, which is reflected in the design and also in the cut.”


Behind the clothing brand Macešky are photographer Lucie Urban and theatre manager Veronika Svobodová. The brand was created during the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic at the beginning of 2021. Our intention, in the beginning, was primarily a desire to create when everyone was locked up at home due to quarantine. Gradually, a small idea became an idea that made us think about our brand concept. This is how we create products that bring together the traditions of different cultures.

Collection KOLEKCE2023
“A meadow in bloom. Pansies. Flowers. Herbarium. Diary entries. Sunset over
through the vineyard. We rely on the principles of our brand, i.e. hand painting on fabric, sustainable materials, and simplicity of cut. All of these aspects run through all the ranges we have created over the past two years.”

Markéta Kaplanová

Markéta Kaplanová belongs to the young generation of fashion designers who graduated from Prague’s UMPRUM and continue studying scenography at DAMU and as a designer for the Czech clothing brand LACL. In her work, Markéta develops themes with a strong personal statement on the background of collective consciousness. In most of her works, the main essence of the work is the connection with people and their possible inclusion in the creative or research process.

TRASHURE Collection

In her collection TRASHURE, she intends to reinterpret inherited archival material into today’s society. The project is varied and rich in content and visuals, as well as a set of deadstock materials, the discovery of which was the main impulse for this work.

“Initially, it was a textile from the 60s belonging to my great-grandmother, then obtained by buying industrial waste from NP Technolen, where she made camping clothing. My curiosity did not allow me not to question what we know about it and to find out what we did not know until now. Perhaps it was not just curiosity but also a desire for self-definition based on the things we are surrounded by and thanks to which we can define the objectified persons in them.”

In 2022, the collection was nominated for the final international Diploma Selection competition at DESIGNBLOK. More at

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Aftermovie fashion show 2023

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