Registration for this year’s 15th edition took place from 4 December 2023 to 4 February 2024. Thank you to everyone who participated! You will find out the expert jury’s decision on 4 March 2024 on our Instagram. You can toast the award-winning designers with us during the exhibition, which will soon be part of the programme.

contest categories

Communication Design

Graphic design and illustration, new media, visual communications and intermedia design, web animations, etc.


Main prize

For the best of the best across all four categories, we have the title Best in Design 2024. The title holder will take home an extra €1 000 along with the prize for winning one of the categories.

1st place in each contest category

The author of the first-best work will receive a cash prize in the amount of €500.

2nd place in each contest category

The author of the the second-best work will receive a cash prize in the amount of €300.

3rd place in each contest category

The author of the the third-best proposal of each category will receive a prize of €200.

Media Award

The title of the Media Award category is awarded to one of the semi-finalists of the competition. The winners are nominated by the category’s judges, who are representatives of the media closely associated with design.


What is Best in Design?

Best in Design is an international contest for young designers. There are not only financial rewards from 200 € up to 1 500 € in the game, but it’s also a great opportunity to get a feedback, to compare yourself with young designers from all around the world, to show people what you can do and maybe to start your career. The only thing you need to enter the contest is your talent and courage.

Who may compete?

Both individuals and author teams under the age of 30 can apply for the competition. Authors can reveal all their aces up their sleeves (which must not be from before 1 January 2022) – the number of projects registered is not limited, and your wallet won’t cry because you can apply for free.

4 Categories

You can win an award in one of four competition categories (Product & Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Communication Design and Service Design) and compete for the Best in Design grand prize. Your work can also be awarded in the Media Award category.

Why shouldn’t you be afraid to take the risk and sign up?

Because risk is a profit and in Best in Design you cannot lose anything, just gain. The reward, experience, and opportunities. You only have to show us that design is what you love.