Accompanying programme

In addition to the main and educational programme, we will also have an accompanying one. You can look forward to a one-day POP-UP shop, where independent designers and creatives will come to sell their items directly. You will also enjoy (after)parties and concerts – energy and music-filled evenings that will get everyone moving.

Pop-up shop

Stop by Building 44 on Sunday, May 12. There will be a designer POP-UP shop all day starting at 10:00, where you can buy anything you can think of – jewelry, clothing, mugs, a candle, something good to eat…? There will also be several Design CANTEEN discussions in the afternoon. Come and make yourself happy!

  • When: Sunday, May 12, from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Where: Building 44, Svit complex (Vavrečkova 7029, Zlín)
  • Entrance: free of charge

List of vendors:


Hi, we’re humanoddity. A project that prides itself on responsible production and an alternative approach to how a clothing brand should operate and communicate. We don’t make fashion. We make clothes that don’t spin in an endless cycle of trends and will keep you happy for years.

We disagree with consumerism, whether in design or something else and during the event, we want to offer a refreshing alternative to what design might mean from the perspective of an environmentally conscious society.

FUTURE IS! change


FUTURE IS! responsible


Atelier Z hlíny květ is a kind of room laboratory and ceramic studio, where in the footsteps of my grandfather, who was a botanist, I create unique interior accessories from plants, and I grow and cultivate the plants myself in the studio, the adjacent garden, and greenhouse.

I enjoy creating small works of art from houseplants by combining them with handmade ceramic vases, flowerpots, and florals.
You will also find my kokedams for hanging or on crafted bowls and tripods. And also other interior accessories made of ceramics, such as smaller furniture or lamps.


“Art is not just about the pleasing outcome, but mostly about the process, the search, and the experience.”

The designer, SCHARFYN, experiments with techniques and various materials. She finds beauty in the power of atmosphere and the texture detail. She transfers the abstraction to cozy satin cushions, scrunchies, and silk scarves of the highest quality.

The artistry thus brings the work of art into everyday life.


Craft offers me countless precessional possibilities.
I am looking for approaches to shaping this material, mostly through utilitarian ceramics.

In some creative stages, I work with the material and form itself, focusing on deepening my understanding of technological processes.
Other stages I approach more loosely with the experimental nature of decorating. In my latest collection, I’ve taken my passion for rococo gems.


Verity Studio focuses on producing jewelry, mainly using the technique of soft soldering of tin with an admixture of silver. It draws inspiration from everyday life, music, nature and architecture. She works with river pearls and minerals, mixing tenderness and rawness. The jewelry is handmade, making every single piece an original.


Bilumi is a brand that produces soy wax candles that are eco-friendly. The candles have a pleasant floral and fruity scent. In addition to candles, the Bilumi brand also focuses on decorations such as vases and coasters, but tote bags are not to be missed.


Střecha, Terč, and Čára are a collection of desserts that have been created in collaboration between designer Nikola Chromečková and bakery as a range of products to be sold outdoors. The desserts can be eaten in the hand without the need for specific tools and are fully functional. That is reflected by their anatomy, taste, and quality of presentation. They become a means of bringing the experience of the bakery into the public space. Together, they form a stand-alone collection of goods that, in its scope, do not allow the customer to experience decision paralysis; together, they work to satisfy the majority preference using three basic dominant dessert flavors – cream, chocolate, and fruit. The combination of patisserie craft and design places both disciplines in a wider context. The project also successfully demonstrates the application of design principles in local gastronomy. The development of desserts is based on research into the history and the present and an attempt to understand the context of the industry as well as possible. Customers, therefore, do not experience a vastly different experience from what they are used to. They’re offered comfort food in a distinctive way. Velké sousto was created to please.


I am an artist and graphic designer living and working in Brno. In my freelance work, I focus mainly on drawing and ceramics, but I will also bring glass objects to Zlín Design Week. I like to create functional objects that border on artistic artifacts. Each piece is an elaborate original. Imaginative language is important to me. My goal is to provoke fantasy, irrationality, sexuality, love, and symbolism in a liberating exuberance.


I consider materiality, especially fabric, to be an integral part of the experience and the physical experience with the artwork. Haptic and tactile perception in art is my main interest in my artistic activity. I use objects to realize my imaginings of new animals on Earth, with shapes based abstractly on the shapes of plants or the simplest organisms living on Earth.


The Ruksak brand offers minimalist accessories such as backpacks, fanny packs, handbags, pouches, and wallets. The individual products are sewn mostly from old advertising banners with no further use and would end up in a landfill. By working with pre-printed materials, products are created in unique combinations with original decor.


Unique pewter jewelry from minerals, minimalist jewelry from real river pearls, minerals and decorations from them.

Author’s jewelry from minerals made by hand using the technique of soldering lead-free tin with silver admixture. A combination of nature, femininity, self-expression and elegance.


timelessness functionality variability
The cuts of our pieces are timeless and mostly oversized. They can adapt to your mood and believe they will accompany you for many years, just in the spirit of slow fashion. Our clothes fit all body types and across the entire size range. We don’t use classic sizes; there are a maximum of 3 options to choose from, and it’s up to you which one you feel like yourself in.’s pieces simply blend in with you thanks to the refined cuts and unique properties of natural materials. Functionality and variability are important to us in design, which is why, in most cases, our clothes can be worn in several ways depending on what you feel like wearing at the time. That way, you can handle a work meeting, walking your pet, and gathering with friends during the day.

Throughout its existence, dedicated itself to custom production. We start sewing pieces only when you order them. We do not keep stock, but we can customize a piece directly for your body if you wish. This makes our clothes a bit slow to make, and you have to wait a little longer for them.’s pieces don’t follow seasonality; we treat natural materials respectfully and try to use them to the fullest, just as we would like you to enjoy our pieces.

design dazzle, powered by pecha kucha

We are thrilled that this year’s Zlin Design Week will feature a certified Pecha Kucha presentation format. We expect a unique evening where creatives, designers, architects, artists, and other representatives of the creative and cultural industries will present their work and describe their ideas.

Pecha Kucha creates a space for architects, designers, graphic artists, visual artists, theorists, theater makers, filmmakers, and musicians to meet in one place at one time. The specific format arose from the experience of architectural lectures, which often lasted for hours. The format is simple: each speaker has 20 images for their output, and each can comment in 20 seconds. Therefore, the total length of the presentation is only 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

  • Who will appear during the evening? You will find out on our social media.
  • When: Monday, May 13, from 19:30 to 22:00
  • Where: Building 44, Svit complex (Vavrečkova 7029, Zlín)


basic entry – 100 CZK

Student – 70 CZK

PWD (Persons with disabilities) – 50 CZK


Pavol Truben

Pavel Truben combines the principles of visual art and design in his work. He starts with an idea, which he then develops into complex projects. These often require collaboration with experts and professionals in various fields. In his presentation, he will cover mainly light objects and installations, which form part of his portfolio.

Center for Creative Museums

Graphic artists, designers, architects, scenographers, performers, IT and audiovisual professionals, and fashion designers spontaneously use their talents. How can their work and human imagination contribute to the development of museology? This is the focus of the Centre for Creative Museums of the Hradec Králové Region, which, by combining the seemingly inseparable, nurtures tradition and creates a cooperative and open space focused on the development of museums in the region. The center’s activities will be presented by the head of the center, Ivana Valášková.

Budějovice 2028

České Budějovice will be the European Capital of Culture in 2028! Hundreds of cultural events are not the only thing that will influence the future of the city, its residents, and visitors. Within the framework of the ECoC title, culture is the main driving force and the cornerstone of the city’s development. How does such a project come into being, how difficult is it to involve the inhabitants themselves, and what lies ahead in the next five years? Can we transfer this inspiration from Europe to other Czech and Moravian cities? That is what Petr and Lucie from the Budějovice team will present.

Arts management FMK UTB

The Arts Management Studio (FMK TBU, Zlín) aims to educate leaders in the cultural and creative industries who incorporate the values of inclusion, sustainability, equality, accessibility, international or interdisciplinary cooperation, and well-being into their activities and approaches. The Progressive Studio will be introduced and presented by Míša Raňanská, a student of the combined Master’s degree in Arts Management.

Linda Procházka

In 2015, Linda Procházka, as a student of product design at UMPRUM and industrial design at CTU, won the Best in Design award (then Design Talent) and, together with it, an internship at Lasvit. She then headed there after her studies and got a position as a designer in London. She also designed urns and window displays for Hermés. In 2023, she won the Czech Grand Design Discovery of the Year award, and this year, she also won the award for the most interesting young face of design at the EDIDA awards. She now returns to Zlín to speak about how winning Best in Design can influence your career.

CEFO / Central European Forum Olomouc

Central European Forum Olomouc is a museum, forum, platform and community center, collection, visual arts+, the world’s largest 3d print, Central Europe, politics, money, values, and culture all in one – in Olomouc, Moravia, at home and around the world. Established in 2006 and opening in new premises in 2028. This ambitious project will be introduced by its curator, Barbora Kundračíková.

Robert Spurný & Michaela Gerichová

Technology is evolving rapidly and unstoppably, usually intending to streamline the various activities we engage in in our working or personal lives. But what about the world of art or gallery education? Does technology lead to efficiency here too or does it represent an obstacle and an undesirable element? Is “efficiency” the essence of art education at all? We will look for answers to these questions based on many years of experience in running educational programs at the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Zlin Design Week, and other platforms.

Lea Belejová & Kevin Wulfric Scherrer

Mona Lisa, stones, and black holes. Therapy. Pencil in a pencil case. What connects them? That’s what Lea and Kevin ask themselves almost every night before bed. And they hope that when they think about what design is to them, you will, too. Kevin is a transdisciplinary creator/designer/freelance artist; his greatest weakness is writing personal medallions. At KISK, Lea maps the design imagination, draws geese and raccoons, and assembles UX Legos for the National Institute of Education. Together, they review Brno coffee for the second year in an unreleased podcast and like to paint walls black.

Zlín Film Festival

For the Zlín Film Festival, film is not just entertainment. They see it as a tool that opens a gateway to the viewer and allows a more intimate relationship with them through other activities. It can not only entertain but also educate, help, and form a relationship with culture and oneself, shaping the future of the young.

Markéta Pášmová is the Art Director of the Zlín Film Festival. She focuses on European cinema for young audiences and is active in educational programs for children and youth. She regularly sits on expert juries of festivals and is a member of several expert committees (Audiovisual Fund, Film Fund of the City of Zlín, etc.). She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the FILMTALENT ZLÍN Foundation, which contributes significantly to the creation of films by students and emerging filmmakers. She is the main dramaturge of the Zlín Film Festival and the main dramaturge of the Zlín Industry Days program for film professionals.

Adam Komůrka

What can the future look like if we are not afraid to make spontaneous decisions? Adam Komůrka knows all about it. His journey (so far) has led him from Rýmařov to Zlín, where he studied digital design. He was recruited to the KHS agency the moment he complimented them on the view of the sunset. A similar overnight message led him to the Anděl Awards, where he has spent the last year not only taking care of visuals, but also managing social media. In addition, he covers rap concerts and chance encounters that have gotten him, for example, to collaborate with a symphony orchestra.

Yara Abu Aataya

Yara Abu Aataya, a multidisciplinary designer born in Gaza and now living in Prague, studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Prague. Her current work focuses on social media and graphic design. Occasionally she also dabbles in set and product design, showing the breadth of her creative abilities. Her current project ~1 hour, which she presented for the first time at Designblok, deals with the fluidity of time. The collection of hourglasses and other interior accessories, which tell a story about the stopping of time in hectic times, combining the imprints of the Arabian desert and the very contemporary theme of recycling, carries a love for Czech craftsmanship, design and working with one’s own identity. At the presentation, Yara will share her experiences and insights from design and life, having been actively involved in the struggle for Palestinian rights since October 2023, which has cost her many silences and censures.

Jakub Klimeš, Space of Space

Space of Space is a Czech family-owned brand of metal furniture and interior accessories founded by brothers Jakub and Martin Klimeš in late 2020. They founded the brand to push traditional metal fabrication methods in a new direction and change the perception of metal through rounded shapes, powder colours and functional design. Their goal is to raise awareness of powder coating and bring more colour into interiors. They see metal as a noble and durable material with lasting values that, if handled properly, can be passed down from generation to generation. The design and production of the products is carried out in the Czech Republic.

parties and concerts

No one can imagine Zlin Design Week without a high-quality party and, this time, also concerts. You can look forward to a good dose of energy, dancing, and the opportunity to meet renowned designers informally. On the very first day of the festival, we will have an opening concert and party in the courtyard of Zlín Castle. After Friday’s Fashion Show, we’ll dance together in Building 44. On Saturday, we will celebrate the announcement of the results of the international Best in Design competition, and the last musical evening program will be on Tuesday, May 14, where we will share all the experiences from the whole week.

Festival opening concert and party

When: Wednesday, May 8, from 20:00 to 1:00
Where: Courtyard of Zlín Castle and Bar Zámek
Who’s playing: Himalayan Dalai Lama

200 CZK / basic entry
150 CZK / student
50 CZK / PWD (Persons with disabilities)

Future is party X Fashion show

When: Friday, May 10, from 21:00 to 1:00
Where: Building 44, Svit complex (Vavrečkova 7029, Zlín)
Who’s playing: Arleta

100 CZK / basic entry
70 CZK / student
50 CZK / PWD (Persons with disabilities)

Future is party X Best in Design

When: Saturday, May 11, from 20:00 to 1:00
Where: Café 204, Komenský Park, Tř. Tomáš Bati 204, Zlín
Who’s playing:
Entrance: free

ZDW Closing evening

When: Tuesday, May 14, from 18:00 to 22:00
Where: the Zlín Castle, main exhibition space
Who’s playing:
Entrance: free

And who’s gonna play for us at all the events?

Himalayan Dalai Lama

Himalayan Dalai Lama are representative of instrumental electronic music. Their dreamy synth surfaces and danceable beats have made crowds from many countries groove, especially during their 2015 tour. They used the experience from their first tour to create their 2016 debut album “LAMA,” which earned them an Anděl Award nomination. That year, they also won the Radio Wave competition under whom they then released the EP Space.

Their second album, “Orange Colored Rose Leaves,” released in 2018, features Terezie Kovaldová, who has also participated in other projects. Himalayan Dalai Lama has played dozens of concerts across the Czech and Slovak Republics, including festivals such as Grape, Rock for People, and Beseda u Bigbítu.


Arleta is one of the most prominent representatives of the female rap scene, which did not exist in our country for a long time. Nominated for both Vinyla and Apollo awards, this female rapper and visual artist brings a dark vision that manages to be personal, self-therapeutic, and playful at once. As a departure from traditional masculine rap, she incorporates contemporary generational themes into her lyrics and comments on social taboos such as feminism, sexism, and basic moral values.

Arleta stands out for her collaboration with Hugo Toxxx on albums Mumie, yeezuzem2020, Hellwanou, Fvck Kvlt, and Edúv syn. David Herzig (Bert & Friends) is behind most of her production, and she is currently working with producers such as mdmxboy. Her latest critically acclaimed EP, StarStable, was released in May 2023.

Pure fucking fun (PFF)

PFF is not a band, but a way to play music, make sounds, and live life. PFF means clicking buttons and turning knobs until the music is pure fire.

Pure fucking fun.
Pure fucking freestyle.
Pure fucking freedom.
Pure fucking friendship.
Pure fucking FUTURE.

You can follow the fun at and on IG: @purefuckingfun.


Open Jam Session is a participatory, inclusive, collaborative audio performance where everyone is invited to join in with their voice, electronic or acoustic instruments, or whatever cool-sounding objects they may be around.
Honza and Daniel from PFF (Pure Fucking Fun) act as participants and moderators, ensuring that everyone’s technical needs are met and creating an open and safe space.

Let’s come together to connect through freestyle, let emotions guide the creation of sounds, and most importantly – have fun.


We will be treated to a musical selection on Saturday, May 11, by DJ K. from Zlín, who got into playing through dance. So it’s a safe bet that you can expect tracks on the menu that have a groove and will get you moving. Prepare your best moves and arrive for rocking R’n’B, infectious funk, pulsating afro beats, or throbbing house!


Prague-based artist, DJ, and event organizer Feenicks has carved a unique space for himself in Prague’s underground electronic music scene. His club-oriented sound is deeply rooted in a playful and hedonistic philosophy, embodying his belief of what the nightlife means to him. These ideals come to life when experiencing his diverse sets and productions, seamlessly blending groovy techno, modern trance, and classic house elements.

Feenicks made his mark with his debut EP release ‘Amora’ in 2023 as well as his VA contributions on labels such as YUKU and Bad Boombox’s Hot Meal Records. Feenicks, as of 2024, has begun performing live sets as well and plans to incorporate more live acts in his bookings. Beyond his solo work, he is also one of the creative minds behind Soft Limits, a Prague-based event collective dedicated to presenting contemporary dance music alongside a roster of international talents.


Another year means another packed dance floor! Once again, we can welcome Hype&Vibe at Zlin Design Week, and this year, we will welcome two members. Year87 and Trevor. Hype&Vibe has been organizing events in the Zlín region since 2017. Its members, originally from Vsetín, focus on electronic music of all kinds, from house to techno. You can look forward to a night full of energetic beats, diversity, and originality.


Another year means another packed dance floor! Once again, we can welcome Hype&Vibe at Zlin Design Week, and this year, we will welcome two members. Year87 and Trevor. Hype&Vibe has been organizing events in the Zlín region since 2017. Its members, originally from Vsetín, focus on electronic music of all kinds, from house to techno. You can look forward to a night full of energetic beats, diversity, and originality.

guided tour of the tomas bata memorial

A functionalist building that pays tribute to the shoe company’s founder. A gleaming showcase of concrete, glass, and steel. Or, if you prefer, a modern paraphrase of the Gothic period. The Tomas Bata Memorial – a radical work by architect František Lýdia Gahura – can also be described as such. At first glance, it is a blank space dominated by a faithful model of the Junkers F13 – the aircraft in which the shoemaker Bata and pilot Brouček ended their life journey in 1932. And yet, there is content for more than one stop. Come and listen. During the guided tour, your guide will tell you the most fascinating things about the building in terms of history and architecture, and you will also learn about the personalities associated with this cultural monument.

  • When: every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (except May 11 and 13)
  • Where: Tomas Bata Memorial (T. G. Masaryk Square 2570, 760 01 Zlín 1)
  • Barrier-free access to the ground floor is available through the back door.
  • The tour can be booked on the Colosseum website or on-site before the tour at the Memorial Infopoint, which resides in the neighboring gymnasium building.

future is yoga

This year, in cooperation with the Satyam Yoga Studio, we have prepared a Sunday yoga program to kick-start our future. There will be two classes in total. If anyone is looking for a good dose of yoga, they won’t regret it.

First lesson with Pavla Vanduchová

The human body has changed over the decades. Many technologies have brought us relief but also hidden health problems. The lesson will focus on common ailments of this time – carpal tunnel problems, hypermobility, stiff hips, etc. We will embrace everything with playfulness and grace, experimenting with the body in the sense that there is power in simplicity. We will demonstrate basic, simple, but efficient exercises and postures that we can do daily in the sense of Future Is (in) Yoga. The class will end with sound healing with Tibetan bowls to calm tension and relax the mind.

Pavla Vanduchová has been a yoga teacher since 2007. She started in a yoga studio in Ostrava. Currently, she is a freelance teacher in Val. Meziříčí, Napajedla and since 2013 also in Satyam studio in Zlín. She is a mother of a 4,5-year-old son and takes being a yoga teacher as her mission.

When: Sunday, May 12, from 9:00 to 10:15
place: yoga studio Satyam (Partyzánská 7043, Zlín 760 01)
capacity: 30 persons
entrance: 200 CZK , registration in advance is not necessary

Second lesson with Kateřina Čajánková

The yoga class will follow the spirit of openness and freedom of movement of your own body. With attention to your feelings and mindfulness of your limits. How to look deeply into ourselves and how to listen to the answers that give us, through the practice of yoga, clear information about which values of ourselves to allow ourselves to open. The pace of the yoga practice will be rocking on the waves of smooth breath, gentle and slow, suitable for practitioners of all levels of the yoga world.

Kateřina Čajánková is the creator and founder of Satyam Yoga Studio (2012), a yoga teacher, mother of 3 children. She has 20 years of experience in leading and teaching traditional yoga, therapeutic movement concepts, and healthy and conscious movement. An advocate of her philosophy of EXPLAIN, UNDERSTAND, REALIZE AND IMPLEMENT, all IN TRUTH.

When: Sunday, May 12, from 11:00 to 12:15
place: yoga studio Satyam (Partyzánská 7043, Zlín 760 01)
capacity: 30 persons
entrance: 200 CZK , registration in advance is not necessary

guided tours around zlín

Come and discover the exceptional buildings of Zlín, the unique factory complex right in the city center, and the way of living in typical Bata houses. The Tourism Department of the City of Zlín, in cooperation with the authors of the Zlín Architectural Manual database and the aArchitektura association, has prepared three routes that will take you through the unmistakable architecture of Zlín. The routes run every Wednesday and Saturday from May to September, can be done in English or German, and can be adaptable depending on accessibility requirements. The length of each route is approximately 2 hours.

  • Route 1: Planned City
  • Route 2: Housing at Bata
  • Route 3: Factory in the Gardens

When: May – September 2024
Location: according to the route
Capacity: 30 people
Entrance: tickets including reservation must be secured on the website