Design CANTEEN, a platform that serves up various flavours of design throughout the year via podcasts and discussions. Inspiring guests, from the Czech Republic and abroad, designers and designers, as well as people from other fields. Those who use design and design principles to help solve everyday challenges and societal problems. Their ideas, insights and experiences will be brought to you in the Design CANTEEN.

It all started on Facebook

Design CANTEEN started as a Facebook group for all those who didn’t want to lose their dose of design during the quarantine period. The hunger for good design and the desire to meet each other gave birth to a platform where creatives can share their projects, ask for the opinion of others and connect with people in their field, even those they wouldn’t meet in everyday life.

Everyone is welcome to join the community – so if you’re hungry for new connections outside of your field, or just want to keep up with the latest happenings in the design world, feel free to join!

Design of all tastes Podcast

Throughout the year, Design CANTEEN invites interesting guests who have something to offer the world of design. Through our podcast, you will discover new perspectives on design practice, meet young and progressive creatives and innovators from the Czech Republic and abroad, and learn how design can change the world for the better.

Tune in to our podcast and discover how far design can reach in our lives.

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Design CANTEEN is once again moving its podcast studio to Zlin Design Week. Several episodes will be recorded live throughout the week and you can be there. The aim is to show multiple perspectives on one topic, so the episodes are in the form of panel discussions. And what would a canteen be without coffee and something good to go with it?