As part of the accompanying programme of the ZDW 2023 Conference, which will take place on 9 May at Impact Hub Zlín, there are 3 educational workshops available. After purchasing a ticket, it is possible to register for one of the workshops, which is free of charge, but the capacity for each workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Let’s promote accessibility or why have accessibility on your side

Do you want to get your content published on the web and social media to the widest possible audience? Would you like to avoid mistakes that can make it harder for your potential customers to access what you want to tell them? Or that may even prompt negative advertising or criticism of your company? (Let’s not forget that in marketing, emotions often make the difference.)

We’ll use practical examples to show you what to look out for when publishing information on social media and how to promote your activities in a more accessible way. What you will take away from the workshop is the Marketer’s Accessibility Ten Commandments, which we will formulate together, and which you will then use when publishing new content.

Lecturer: Radek Pavlicek
Time: 12:45-14:45
Place: Impact Hub Zlín

The Inclusion Game

The Inclusion Game gamifies the science of inclusion, and makes makes DEI+ part of your DNA. DEI+ stands for diversity, equity, inclusion. It stands for justice, & belonging for everyone. The Inclusion Game is different than typical DEI+ training because it enables participants to “get out of their phone and get into the zone” by actively engaging in team-based scenarios with exciting trade-offs and pay-offs! This approach helps you find critical opportunities for inclusive leadership, makes training interactive, and validates your inclusion strategies. Amit Patel, Creative Director at Experience Haus in London says that the Inclusion Game is “Absolutely thrilling … Anthony artfully delivers the science of inclusion in a highly engaging manner”. At Zlin Design Week, participants will be put in teams to diagnose business challenges! If your team can build trust and openly share different perspectives, you’ll succeed! Hire a new team! Who will you trust to lead your next flagship product? Who will be a “good fit” and better add? Face a public relations nightmare. Oh no! Your CEO said something very inappropriate. Can your team figure out the best response?

Lecturer: Anthony Giannoumis
Time: 14:15-16:15
Place: the Impact Hub Zlín

Design research methods in sexuality and intimacy

Design research has done precious little work on sexual health, especially at the intersection with user groups such as people with chronic diseases, LGBTQI+, or clinical populations, for whom there are reports of double stigmatisation. In this workshop, we will share design research methods developed by the moderators to address different dimensions of sexuality and intimacy for a wide variety of user groups.

Lecturers: Ana Correia de Barros & Joana Couto da Silva
Time: 15:15-17:15
Place: Impact Hub Zlín