CONFERENCE online this year!

This year’s online conference brought 7 speakers from the Czech Republic and the world in videos, as well as 6 speakers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in podcasts. You can still watch all videos and podcasts on our website or youtube channel.
Scroll down and you’ll find everything there!

What is Conference like?

Connecting design and marketing

Two worlds, which need and complete each other, but do not understand each other every time. We want to show that thanks to their cooperation, true values arise and become a building stone to a product, brand or a company.

Speakers from all over the world

We will bring you the inspiration from countries far, far away. Speakers don´t rotate too quickly, everybody has 30 minutes to speak. And after that, you can ask whatever you want – in front of the audience or later at a coffee break.

All day and night

We don´t want you to come to Zlin because of theree hours. Get ready for a load of experinces from morning to evening. The sixth year of Conference will again bring much more than inspirational and discussion-evoking stories.

What others say about us?

”Since the beginning to the end was treated very nicely and professionally, I was also pleased with the quality of other speakers, I would like to point out 
a designer duo SWINE. I was fascinated by their work. You can watch splendidly made videos about their projects on Vimeo, but only at the conference may happen that they´ll personally invite you to visit them in London.”

Jakub Mařík

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”I’m sorry that the (after)party is just once a year, It´s always awesome!”

Jitka Alexová


”Exhibitions at unusual places, conference, well-known designers and surprising artefacts in the streets. Zlin Design Week offers that all.”

Czech television