Virtual gallery ZDW 360

After a successful virtual exhibition of the top 30 works of the international Best in Design 2020 competition, we decided to keep the virtual space, give it a name and allow young designers to use it. And this is where another virtual exhibition called – DESIGN FROM YOUR KITCHEN starts, this time in cooperation with Design KANTÝNA, which we created as part of last year’s Zlin Design Week.
If you don’t know Design KANTÝNA yet, it is a online platform for designers to meet inspiration, discuss, seek advice or collaborate. The designers share all their delicacies they have ever baked. We invited them to send us their works, so we could exhibit them in our virtual gallery ZDW 360!

Wondering what the designers have baked? If so, click on the button and your computer will take you to the gallery. Yes, ZDW teleport works. ENJOY!