ZDW Exhibition Design Lab

7. – 14. 5. 2021

ZDW Exhbition Design Lab is a project based on the rising demand on interdisciplinary competencies from the young designers, artists and managers – the opportunity which can bring new collaborations, ideas and projects. 

We want to look closer at the connecting part between art piece and audience which deepens the experience of art. We aim to increase the audience experience while offering the project participants to learn a new set of skills. We support the change towards interdisciplinarity and internationality in the creative industries, starting by education with emphasis on practical use.

This believe in a consistent cooperation and a professionalization of young creatives is supported by the Visegrad Fund and our partners: Sensorium Bratislava, KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Jan Matejki Academy of Fine Arts Krakow and University of Arts in Belgrade.

Parts of the Design Lab

Open Call
Open Call is an opportunity for all young and emerging designers from around the world to exhibit their work for free at one of the most important design events in Central Europe, which focuses on young and student design. Open Call works as a challenge in which individuals, studies or universities can participate.

Exhibition Design Workshop
International workshop led by top experts in the field of exhibition architecture and design will be held in February 2021. The art and design students will be introduced to how to work and design concepts of exhibitions (mainly about the installation of products, 3D objects, 2D printed visuals, implementing new technologies, improving the audience engagement). It will also include cooperation and follow – up with curators and production and streamlining interdisciplinary communication.

The exhibition and its opening ceremony
The ZDW exhibition is one of the key elements of the festival. It presents works by young designers who participated in the Open Call, the exposition is designed by the group of international students. The whole exhibition will be accompanied by the opening ceremony on the 8th of May.

The project partners (public) workshops
The partner organizations together with the workshop participants will have a space to present themselves during the festival. Workshop, panel talk, presentation, performance… There’s a lot you can look forward to!