Show your work to everyone!

Apply for Zlin Design Week 2021 Opencall!

Who is the opencall for?

– studios and university faculties

– art university students

– young designers under the age of 30

What can I submit?

Realized and unrealized work, which was created in cooperation with a company or institution from commercial and non-commercial sector. This can be a studio project, individual student activity with a particular company / institution, or finished exhibition projects for which a special section will be prepared. Projects must not be older than five years.

What field should the submitted entries be from?

It is up to you – whether you focus on product design, digital design, fashion design or photography or graphics – you can apply with anything.

Deadline for applications is the 31st of January 2021.

What is Zlin Design Week?


Design inherently belongs to Zlín. Design affects the life of every inhabitant, often unnoticed. We give it the space to shine and for people to understand it, appreciate it and be inspired by it.


The festival will will this year reflect the cooperation of young designers and companies, theory with practice, business and the non-profit sector. During one week, Zlin Design Week will show what openness and willingness to support each other can bring us and that working together makes sense.

A week of experiences

Day and night, Zlín comes alive with design. Exhibitions, gala evening, all-day conference, installations in modules, lectures, workshops, excursions and unforgettable parties. The atmosphere cannot be described, you have to experience it.