Don’t let the early birds tickets fly away!

You will be able to buy special priced tickets here by the end of January.


Ticket is intended for companies or non-students.

Ticket includes all-day catering.

2 299 Kč


Ticket is intended for full-time students only.

Ticket doesn’t include all-day catering.

499 Kč


Ticket is intended for full-time students only.

Ticket includes all-day catering.

999 Kč

For companies

Are you planning to visit Conference ZDW together with your colleagues?
Would you like to buy the tickets and issue an invoice?
In both of these cases please email

Group of 3 adults (5% discount): CZK 6,552; price per 1 person CZK 2,184
Group of 5 adults (10% discount): CZK 10,346; price per 1 person CZK 2,069
Group of 8 adults (12% discount): CZK 16,185; price per 1 person CZK 2,023

What is included?

8 speakers

Each speaker has 30 minutes during which speakers will share will their stories, ideas, know-how.

Coffee breaks

There will be time to enjoy morning coffee and get more caffeine during the day at coffee breaks.

All-day catering (not included in Student ticket)

Catering includes lunch and snacks during coffee breaks.

Workshop Vepřo knedlo design

Your ticket offers even more! Ticket includes entrance for workshop Vepřo kndelo design.


We don´t forget about afterparty. You can network with other guests and also with speakers. It is great opportunity to discuss ideas and stories.