7 Reasons to Apply for Best in Design 

26. 1. 2023 | Martin Janotka

Do you think your works are worthy of being shown, BUT you don’t have a space to present them? Do you have a mind full of creative ideas BUT no incentive to create a physical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing product? Would you like to start your creative career, BUT you don’t have the right impulse? Drop your ” BUT ” and show yourself in the international battle of creators – Best in Design!

Wondering what the competition can bring you?

1. Feedback from professionals 

Your work is evaluated by people from the field, experienced professionals who can assess the quality and appreciate creativity. On the other hand, they will give you great advice on what to change for the future or what to avoid. Whether you are a fashion designer, a calligrapher, or you sew works of art from the cotton of old sweaters, it doesn’t matter. You will find your place here.

2.   Comparison with young designers from all over the world

Best in Design is competition for young designers. You have a unique opportunity to test your creativity with designers from all over the world. Who knows what contestants from Asia, Europe, or Africa will contribute to the competition. And who knows what YOU will contribute to the competition. Show how YOU think about design.

3. The wave of inspiration 

The Best in Design competition has four categories: Product & Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, and, for the very first time, Service Design. As part of the competition, you can meet many inspiring people who can bring you a new wave of creative and innovative ideas. So why not take the opportunity?

4. Financial reward 

We appreciate your creative efforts, trust us. Together with information from the world of design and valuable contacts, you can take home a financial reward worth €200 to €1,500. It just depends on your skill.

5.  Publicity 

You’re creative. From a piece of metal or a sweater, you create miracles in physical form. Your ideas are worthy of gold. But nobody knows about your talent. Best in Design can change that. Best in Design will help you get noticed by the public and the media. 

6.   Start your career! 

Best in Design could be the last missing piece of your career puzzle. Do you want to prove that you have what it takes to be a professional in the design world? Best in Design can be the path to your dream career. Therefore, don’t hesitate and prove that you are a creative genius in an international competition.

7. Cooperation with us! 

Thanks to your skills, you can become a part of Zlin Design Week. You can be the judge of future years, have the chance to sell your experience at conferences, or otherwise contribute to the improvement of the Zlin Design Week concept.

There are plenty of reasons to apply, but time is running out. Applications close on 28 February 2023. So, fill in this form now and be part of Best in Design 2023.