Řečníci konference 2019

Vladimír Zikmund

senior digital creative |  VMLY&R

Vladimír Zikmund is a creative in the digital world whose path led him through agencies like Dark Side or Zaraguza to VMLY&R where he currently works as a senior digital creative. As a comment left under one of his posts says – he sold his talent to making advertisements instead of using it to do something more useful. However, his talent has come to use for companies like Puma, Škoda Auto, Phillips or Nestlé and has been validated by many awards.

About Lecture:

Creativity, a game with no limits

We live in a world where the biggest taxi service called Uber does not own a single car and the most successful accommodation provider called AirBnb does not own a single room. Though we still seem to think that radio advertisements only belong to the radio, prints are offline media and that we need smartphones for a mobile campaign. Not really. The ones who break the rules are the winners.

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