Řečníci konference 2019

Filip Koubek

Co-Founder | Motionlab

Six years ago Filip founded Motion Motion studio, which has hundreds of projects for clients such as Avast, Mall.cz, Kiwi, Remoska and FAnn Parfumerie. He is currently focusing mainly on his new startup Motionlab, a cloud platform that has revolutionized video content personalization. In the prestigious SWCS competition, Motionlab became the best startup in the V4 region, and in May, it will compete for the world title in Silicon Valley.

About Lecture:
Will personalized videos revolutionize brand communication?

Personalization is a long-term trend in marketing, but it has avoided video content due to technical difficulty. Until now. Will personalized video change the communication of brands? Filip Koubek, founder of motion design Studio Motionhouse, will tell you just that.

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