Řečníci konference 2019

Klára Honzíková

event global director | Socialbakers

Klára Honzíková has been devoted to organizing events since childhood. She has organized everything – from birthday parties, to Harry Potter film and book premieres and conferences held across the whole world. Now she has been organizing events for Socialbakers for already seven years. She has worked also for Australian Open and has taken part in organizing Laver Cup, which in 2017 took place in Prague and the year before in Chicago.

About Lecture:

How to organize an outstanding event

In her lecture, Klára will focus on the process of organizing the biggest conference of Socialbakers Engage in Prague. She will talk about how important it is for her to have the right people around herself, to put together the right content and to create a strong and creative connection among everything in a conference. She will give some advice not only on how to be better than your competition, but also on how to keep improving the conference and not to rest on your laurels.

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