Řečníci konference 2019

Kai Stania

product designer

The strongest power of Viennese designer Kai Stania is the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality. A large number of awards he has been winning from a young age (such as iF Product Design Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Awa etc.) is the proof of his eminent skills. With his own studio, he works for brands such as Team7, Infiniti, Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci or Cacharel.

About Lecture

Insight in a Development Process

Projects for TON, Team7, Rolf Benz, Bene, Spectral, LG, XAL, Cerruti, Hugo Boss a RIM

Besides pictures for magazines, you will see first ideas, blind alleys and final products. Kai will also describe the design process of a successful product, which got as far as in the office of the last James Bond.

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