Řečníci konference 2019

Francesca Valan

colour designer

Francesca Valan is a colour designer passing her knowledge on at Milan’s school of design. She says that she loves her job for the luxury to change her favourite colour according to her mood or just the weather. She will talk about the evolution of colour as a language and the important role of colours in product design as well as about why cars usually come in those few colours or what colour comes to our minds when we think of the ‘70s.

About Lecture:

Colour language evolution

Colour is a language in continuous evolution. Looking at the past, it is possible to identify certain colours for each decade of the last century. Colour determines the aesthetical duration of a product: neutrals are applied on large size products (such as cars) or products which need to last through time; accent colours are applied on products with shorter lives, such as furniture supplements.

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