Festivals: Virtual Worlds and New Audiences

Viola van Alphen is the creative director of Manifestations, Art, Tech & Fun Festival.
The Manifestations 2020 edition was organized online (due to coronavirus) and reached ten times
more people than the usual physical form. This shows that a digital festival can also be a great
success! After a year of research, we found that each target group needs a different platform.
For example, live broadcasting from these several platforms or from virtual worlds is a good and
frequently used method for audiences that are new to the virtual worlds. Thanks to this method,
even the new audiences feel involved.

In addition, virtual worlds have unlimited possibilities, but in order to connect well with all other
target groups, it is necessary to choose an open platform. These open platforms make
the interaction of artists, publications, bloggers, and communities possible.

Finally, once the user is familiar with one world, it is easy to switch between them.
Viola is happy to share her experience with you.

Attend the conference and learn more about virtual worlds, such as Mozilla Hubs, Sansar,
Second Life, AR facefilters, 3D-rooms, Zoom, and more.