This year Fashion show will be LIVE for the first time!

6. 5. 2022 | Marie Herynková

On the evening of 8 May 2022, the first offline FASHION SHOW of the year will be launched at Zlín Castle. This fashion show will have everything you expect from such an event: glitzy shows of the most fashionable models and also a legendary afterparty at Zlín Castle. And to get you even more excited, we’ve prepared a medallion about the designers and their work that you can look forward to at this fashion show.

Michaela Hriňová (AiM)

AiM, a brand with a distinctive image, and with a rabbit in its logo. The name AiM is also a play on words that has multiple meanings. Oversize silhouettes, attention to detail, symbolism, graphic elements and absurdity are well-known elements of the language that the brand boldly communicates. Breaking the stereotype, a sense of freedom and uniqueness are the emotions that the brand wants to evoke and bring to its customers. The designer Michaela Hriňová is behind its aesthetics. Michaela’s vision of freedom is clearly translated and communicated through her designs. According to her life philosophy, “we shouldn’t be afraid of standing out from the crowd, and doing things differently in life. Not just in an attempt to succeed, but also for the sake of new experience and the new journey such an approach can bring to us.”

Kolekcia “Don´t forget” 
Odkiaľ kárčaš… 
kde si… 
A kam ideš… 
Buď hrdý, buď vďačný, pamätaj… 
Je to kus teba!


Michaela Turanská creates under the Miyogiji brand in Bratislava. The collection, part of which you will be able to see, is inspired by the atmosphere of the book and film Dune by Frank Patrick Herbert. The intention in creating this collection was to bring the atmosphere and aesthetics of the film Dune into contemporary streetwear. Inspired by the mood of the film, Michaela used elements such as binding, structured materials, clean lines and opted for a monochromatic colour palette.

The photo represents a garment from the My life collection

Petra Famlerová (Famale.official)

The designer behind the Famale brand, Petra Famlerová, captures the contemporary zeitgeist with the voice of the young generation in her work. The brand expresses contemporary urban culture, mixing musical references, historical references to subcultures and insight into trends. The Famale brand caters to a young generation that is bold, brash and has an opinion; streetwear mixed with menswear. Wearability, comfort, eye-catching and originality are important to Petra Famler when designing.

Photo: Oliver Obert

Studio 3 (Václav Černý, Vendy Menšíková, Jan Syrovátka)

Studio 3 is a creative grouping of three designers focusing on fashion design and original processing of textile materials. Their work focuses on themes with a deeper overlap and they also work with a clothing form that comes primarily from an artistic environment. The INFORMEL clothing collection is based on the eponymous artistic movement and abstract expressionism. The resulting models are an expression of subjective feelings and emotions, which they have projected into the unconventional treatment of materials, knits and structures.

Šárka Zejdová

Šárka Zejdová is an 18-year-old high school student from Jihlava with a personal portfolio @sarkazejdova.wear. She creates original collections, independent models, and bespoke pieces. She gives her best to her work and sees fashion as art. ,,The ‘Behind the Humans’ collection reflects collected ideas, visual cues, garments, activities and customs from the village environment, this is what inspired me to create it. In creating the collection, I go back to my childhood and places from my everyday life. Each model in the collection represents a different phenomenon typical of the countryside,” adds Šárka about her collection.

Alexandra Kondačová

Alexandra Kondačová is a recent graduate of the Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Her collection New Dimension deals with Georg Simmel’s ideas about the human need to please and the need for social recognition. It is a satire on today’s times, especially on the way Generation Z dresses and their changing values in the digital age of social networks.

Tamara Koperová (ADO)

In her work, Tamara tries to perceive different shapes and structures, which she develops based on a certain idea. When working with garments, the most important thing for her is to work with silhouette and different materials at the same time.
In this collection she dealt with structure, as well as original printing and her own materialization of the models. The main idea is the impermanence of existence, expressed by the transformation of nature. The collection is based on prints

Zuzana L’os-Božiková

Zuzana Ľos-Božiková is currently a 4th year BA student at the Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She has already completed several internships – with Andrea Pojezdálová, Mira Saba or at the Fashion Design Studio at UMPRUM in Prague. In her work, she always strives for individual expression, responds to social events and reflects her inner feelings. The success she added to her portfolio at the end of last year is her winning micro-collection from the Preciosa Master of Crystal competition held at the autumn Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week.

At the upcoming Zlin Design Week, she will present part of her unpublished bachelor collection, which she is currently working on. The collection focuses on moments from four years of studying at the school. Through the garments created, the artist attempts to tell the story of the birth of an idea in the studio to the final part when the idea is found in a commercial space. Through this personal account, she also tries to highlight the moment when the consumer himself is not aware of the long process the garment itself has to go through before it reaches the public.

Photo: Jena Šimková

Lukáš Krnáč


Lukáš Krnáč studied at the Fashion Design Studio at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. He likes to combine colours and different materials. He is not afraid to provoke with his collections and this may be one of the main reasons for his success. In the past, he participated in the Best in Design 2017 competition, where he won first place in the fashion design category and was also the overall winner of Best in Design 2017.