Get to know Phanton shoes better

17. 4. 2022 | Marie Herynková

Zlin Design Week has been cooperating with Datart for some time now, which has created an edition of backpacks and bags from old advertising sails with the Zlin brand Playbag. Each piece has a unique design and the aptly named “I Wear Unique”. In addition to backpacks and bags, Playbag has now also focused on the production of shoes. But let’s take a look together at what’s behind these shoes.


The story began with a shared desire to create a shoe as light as a feather – a shoe that allows you to rediscover your natural gait. At Playbag, we have been involved in accessories and footwear for over 10 years – and developing in this field was also inherent to Juraj Šušek, who as a designer is involved in sports shoes. Together we created a shoe design for the 22nd century. We combined craftsmanship, modern design and light and conscious walking.


Elegance, sharp sporty lines, lightness and joy of movement. Phanton’s design was inspired by the sports car – we based the shape of the shoe on the classic sleek loafer cut and enhanced it with modern materials and a barefoot platform that allows the foot to work properly and the toes to have enough room to do what they were made to do. We want to include the shoe as a new product within the Casa Linum concept, of which the Playbag brand is an integral part. The breathable leather and slip-on design gives the Phanton all the advantages of a lightweight summer shoe, offering active walking on the trails and paths.


The Phanton is based on a barefoot platform that allows the foot to work properly and the toes to have enough room to do what they were made to do.


For men and women, on the road and on the trail. Phanton is suitable for every occasion.


Breathable leather and a slip-on design give the Phanton all the advantages of a lightweight summer shoe. Thanks to the barefoot sole, the shoes can also be rolled up and easily taken with you to the water or in your backpack on holiday.


Phanton is part of the CASA LINUM concept and one of our core values is therefore sustainability. We source all our materials from Czech or European vendors and our production waste is only 0.14%.


Juraj and I have been working on the design on and off for 4 years, so that we could combine all the ideas, samples and experiments that have been created during that time into a harmonious whole. The production is based on Czechoslovak cooperation – we have the shoes made in a small workshop in Slovakia using two basic materials: top quality Italian leather and rubber soles from Zlin. The shoes are handmade in small quantities and each order is always personally processed for a specific customer.

Experience real walking in lightweight, summer footwear and give your feet the freedom they deserve

Discover the craftsmanship and thoughtful design of handmade Czechoslovak footwear

Wake up your feet with conscious walking – barefoot fit leads to healthier, more natural movement


Now we are going to produce 80 pairs, just a limited edition. Starting production requires investment – so in order to keep things running smoothly and to make production efficient and as cost-effective as possible, we want to have only the sizes that we can be sure will be in demand produced first. We have therefore decided to launch a pre-sale so that we can produce a ‘made to measure’ shoe for each customer. Everything is ready to go, so all you have to do is pre-order your Phanton and we’ll ship it to you in a couple of weeks.

Phanton shoes went on sale on April 12, 2022 and since only 80 pairs are going to be produced, stick around and check out their website where you can buy the shoes right away!