Why shower in ELEMENTS bathrooms?

12. 5. 2021 | Lucie Kubínová

A bathroom that stands out from the crowd? Relaxing atmosphere, large-format tiles, current trends, environmental friendliness, and economy together. That is not possible? See for yourself. All of these attributes have bathrooms designed and created by ELEMENTS. And even this doesn’t seem convincing enough to you? So here are some reasons that will make you shower in ELEMENTS.

Have we met before?

Pleasure is also on our side. We are Bathroom Elements. Bathrooms with a basic vision – understanding customer needs. We offer inspiration, assistance in selection and personalized implementation. We focus on trends and innovative elements so that we always come up with what our customers want. We do not reject anyone, on the contrary, we accept every challenge that is the key to a satisfied customer.

Not one, but several options!

Just a store that offers bathrooms and that’s it? Not at all, on the contrary, we come up with several options that we offer as a company. From drawing inspiration from already made bathrooms, through consultation meetings, tuning and fine-tuning all the details, and subsequent implementation. We pay attention to safety, which is why both transport and assembly by our experts are crucial for us so that everything fits as it should.

We offer a helpful tap, we mean hand, to all our customers in 11 cities throughout the Czech Republic. Elements bathroom studios are constantly growing and can also be found in Zlín, specifically in the Svit complex, in the department store in Tábor, or recently in a new store in Opava.

Elements of the bathroom are not just about us as sinks or bathtubs, they are primarily about you as a customer. About your desires and wishes. If you want to create a glamor style bathroom, a timeless bathroom, an elegant classic, or the French countryside, it will be an honor for us. To know the bathroom trends is important for us of course. We also offer a range of timeless products from bathroom furniture, taps, ceramics to showers.

And that you want to have a bathroom with a big window in the middle? No problem, it’s an advantage because you can, for example, enjoy a pleasant view of the greenery, or even watch a neighbor fight with an overflowing battery and fixing the taps.

We invite you all who want to turn their bathroom into a peaceful oasis of joy, relaxation, and a place to recharge your morning and regenerate in the evening.

So what? Did these reasons convince you to have a bathroom made with ELEMENTS next time? With us, they did, not quite literally, but ELEMENTS convinced us of their design elements, which flow in the same way as ours at Zlin Design Week. Therefore, we are pleased for the opportunity to partner with this company.

You can see more information or photos on the website www.elements-cz.cz.