Creating an online experience

One of the speakers at ZDW Exhibition Design Lab is Jelle IJntema – a dutch artist,
photographer, webmaster and also a singer-songwriter. He is a versatile, creative
professional, driven, with a healthy dose of humour and an inner urge to get the most
out of people, systems. 

Jelle has working experience also as a theatre technician, lighting designer and performer.
This allows him to capture almost instantly, the most important moments of shows and

„I will base my lecture on designing my own online exhibition and will share some insights
into the process behind it. That will include a walkthrough of the choices I made when it
came to choosing which form, which tools, how to create an atmosphere, an experience
and how to build and present it. From a technical viewpoint it will include, photography,
lighting design, 3D-design and building a 360 tour/museum”, told us Jelle.

For more information about Jelle’s work click here: