Accompanying programme

In addition to the main and educational programme, we will also have the accompanying one. You can look forward to a one-day POP-UP shop, where independent designers and creatives will come to sell their items directly. There will also be, for example, multimedia dance performances during the Best in Design competition itself and, above all, (after)parties, energy, and music-filled evenings that will get everyone moving.

POP-UP shop

On Sunday, May 7, stop by Building 61 as part of Zlin Design Week. All day from 10:00 AM, there will be a design POP-UP shop where you can buy everything you can think of. Do you want a pair of earrings, a brooch, a dress, a mug, a swimsuit, something good to eat…? There will also be several discussions with the creators in the afternoon. Come and make yourself happy!

List of sellers: Akari, Basefound, Biela Laba, Bone, Botanicum, Cindy Kutíková, Ententýky dva spálíky, Go With The Flow, High Temp Studio, Jan Bican, Klotilda Lišejníková, Markéta Opravilová, MINX, Petra Hejdusová, Pičičindy, PLOVE, Pookraj, POUSTR, Reformát, Yellow Candles

When: Sunday, May 7, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Where: Areál Svit, building 61, Zlín
Entrance: entrance is free


No one can imagine Zlin Design Week without a good party. This year we have four of them. Look forward to a good dose of energy, dancing, and the opportunity to meet important designers informally and have a drink together. On the first day, you can expect an opening party. On Saturday, we will celebrate the results of the international Best in Design competition together. After the ZDW Conference, we’ll dance the night away at the Impact hub and on the last day of the festival, we’ll all get together after the fashion show to reminisce about the week’s experiences.

Opening party

When: Wednesday, May 3, 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Where: café Jedním tahem, Šedesátá 7015, Zlín
Who plays: Maikl Knight, Lunara, Martin Duke
Admission: cash only at the door: 100 CZK (for visitors of the opening festival and the opening of the Design for All exhibition, admission is free)

Ceremony ZDW: afterparty

When: Saturday, May 6, 8:30 PM – 1 AM
Where: Café 204, Tř. Tomáš Bati 204, Zlín
Who plays: Tomin, Year87, Whip
Entrance: free entry

ZDW Conference: afterparty

When: Tuesday, May 9, 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Where. Tomáš Bati 829, Zlín
Who plays: DJ K.
Admission: cash only on the spot: 100 CZK (for visitors of the ZDW Conference, admission is free)

Fashion show: afterparty

When: Wednesday, May 10, 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Where: Svah Zlín, nám. T. G. Masaryka 5144, Zlín
Who plays: Rainer, Candycore
Admission: cash only at the venue: 100 CZK (visitors of the Fashion show can enter for free)

And who’s gonna play it for us at all the events?

Maikl Knight

Maikl Knight is a DJ and dancer in music production based in Bratislava. In his sets, he mostly mixes genres like Italo Disco, Disco, or Techno, but he also has no problem visiting Brazilian culture through Baile Funk and spicing it up with Vogue or Amapian.
He will be playing for us at the Opening Party on Wednesday, May 3.


Lunara is a DJ from Slovakia, based in Brno. She is a vinyl wizard who plays with all subgenres of house. Her music, full of interesting vocals and never-ending groove, will totally absorb you. She will be playing for us at the Opening Party on Wednesday, May 3, and together with Martin Duke, he will also prepare a back-to-back DJ set.

Martin Duke

Martin Duke is a DJ and producer from Brno. He likes to play vinyl and experiment with house music, which turns his sets into an endless experience full of art.
He will be playing for us at the Opening Party on Wednesday, May 3, where you will hear his unreleased tracks.


Hype&Vibe has been organizing events in the Zlín region since 2017. Its members, from Vsetín, focus on electronic music of all kinds, from house to techno. A total of 3 members are coming to perform and you can look forward to a night full of energetic beats, diversity and originality.

They will be playing for us at the Ceremony ZDW afterparty on Saturday, May 6.


Rainer is a producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Zlín. His work spans a wide spectrum of genres, spiced with his specific sound design and aesthetics. In addition to collaborating with major names in the young music scene, he has also created music for The Mag magazine, or for the Zlín fashion event Dotek. He will be playing for us at the Fashion show afterparty on Wednesday, May 10.


DJ K. is a lover of music and dancing. Through her sets she tries to transmit good vibes on the wave of house, funk, r’n’b and afro beats. She is based in Zlín.

She will play for us at the ZDW Conference afterparty on Tuesday, May 9.


CandyCore is a collective of professional women graphic designers and musicians based in Brno. Their mission is to create an interactive community and promote values such as inclusion and diversity, equal rights and freedom of expression. They organize socio-cultural events and informal gatherings that allow creatives to share experiences and collaborate, ultimately improving the quality of life in our community. Let’s join them and embrace new ideas and perspectives.

They will be playing us at the Fashion Show after party on Wednesday, May 10.

Artistic performances

Artistic dance performances are an integral part of the festival. This year we are expecting two of them. The first one will take place during the opening of the festival and the opening of the main exhibition, Design for All, and the second one at the ZDW Ceremony during the award ceremony of the international competition Best in Design, where you can look forward to an unforgettable multimedia dance performance following the theme of universal/inclusive design performed by the dancers of the All Style Unit.


police symphony orchestra

Guidi at the fashion show

The singer Giudi also decided to support Zlin Design Week and complemented the fashion show with her live performance. In her music, the singer combines dark melancholy with futuristic electronics.



On Friday, May 7, 2021 at 21:00, DJ Young Aesthete started the stream. Matěj Herceg has opened for the famous Apparat and played several club nights in his relatively short time in the music world. He blew one of those nights at Zlin Design Week. Visitors could enjoy the musical performance as part of a stream on the YouTube platform.


Sunday’s (May 9, 2021) concert by Hello Marcel was streamed live on YouTube for all fans of music that is full of wit and cruel beats. The duo of musicians originally from Svitavy have played a number of concerts and everyone will love their lyrics with themes of food and motherly love.

DNÉ Concert

Dné is Ondřej Holý, who has already released 4 EPs and played over 50 concerts. Among other things, he composed the music for the HBO documentary Nothing Like Before. So the quality that visitors enjoyed on Tuesday, May 11, 2021!


At the end of Zlin Design Week on 14 May 2021, visitors enjoyed a live concert by the band Teletext and a performance by the All Style Unit.

TELETEXT is a project that was founded in 2017 in Zlín and over time moved to Prague. The duo of Martin and Nicolas, performing under the pseudonyms A+++ and Atch, focuses on techno and trance. The dance group, All Style Unit, focuses mainly on street dance styles, but also elements of stage dance and contemporary. They have been active in Zlín and Vsetín for 15 years, where together they create and develop an art that they do not forget to pass on from generation to generation. This year, in the framework of the cooperation between ASU and ZDW, an original performance was created, which will enrich the online accompanying programme of the festival.