Best in Design awards are given. Who fought their way to the first places?

8. 5. 2021 | Martina Jelínková

Hundreds of works, but the winner can only be one! The Best in Design 2021 competition awards were given on Friday, May 7, at the beginning of the Zlin Design Week festival. The gala evening, which was broadcasted online on the ZDW website and social networks, was hosted by the actor Jan Cina.

The absolute winner of the international competition Best in Design 2021 is Ondřej Pechal with his Cast Iron Radiator Edudant. “A cast iron radiator, unlike a sheet metal radiator, has a lifespan of up to a hundred years. During that time, the house will be occupied by several generations of owners, “said Ondřej about his work.

Fashion design

The first place in the Fashion Design category belongs to Karolína Čechová, who presented the Inner Sanctum collection in this year’s competition. “It is an insight into the human body,” says the author. “The collection is inspired by the character of fascia. The fascia is a collagen fiber that forms the muscular sheath of muscles, passes smoothly into the ligament, and gradually grows into the tendons. The tissue that permeates the whole body is constantly changing its shape, density, and volume. It’s a variable adaptable system.” The collection was created on a hand-held knitting machine.

Ngoc Yen Tran also won a silver medal for her work VOL.02 – UPCYCLED SNEAKERS. The VOL.02 – UPCYCLED SNEAKERS project is focused on the upcycling of sneakers. That means the transformation/modification of footwear that would otherwise end up in a landfill or incinerator.

The third place traveled all the way to Georgia.  In his work Entropy – Graduation Fashion Collection. Nino Goderidze focuses on the private tragic stories of the people. “With tragedy, the human being becomes extremely mechanical, loses its humanistic features, and a kind of hybrid organism is born, which combines natural and artificial. The thing that doesn’t change over time is the skin. ”The hand-made fabric from which the collection was made from silicone and latex to imitate human skin.

Communication Design

The first position in the Communication Design category belongs to Julie Dítětová and Jáchym Moravec and their Czech Through their work, they want the flag to be presented as it should be. They have developed a simple and easy-to-understand tool that will allow you to recognize the Czech flag well and use it correctly.

Be DIGITAL!  challenges you the silver Adam Komůrka. Adam tries to explain what the field of digital design entails to applicants for artistic disciplines. He focuses on researching similar disciplines in Czech schools and then designs its own form of an advertising campaign, including visual printed matter and video production.

Anna Roubíčková demonstrated what it’s like to have a visual impairment. The jury was amazed by her work called With My Eyes. “With My Eyes is a project where you can use virtual reality to experience what it’s like to work with an eye disease. It also includes cooperation with organizations for the blind and partially sighted, ” says the author. Based on conversations with people with disabilities, Anna created a 360 ° video space, in which you can feel the experience of these people on your own skin and won a beautiful 3rd place.

Product and industrial design

The holder of the main award, Ondřej Pechal, was the star of this category. His Cast Iron Radiator Edudant is supposed to last for generations and adapt to various uses. “Therefore, my goal was to clean the radiator of unnecessary deposits of historicism and to instill in it a simple and timeless form. At the same time, follow the industry’s tradition, support the natural tectonics of the radiator and make the product legible. All this in accordance with casting technologies and using its advantages, “says Ondřej.

Right behind Ondřej, on the second place is Kateřina Klímová and the Furniture for Preschool Children Collection. When creating this collection of furniture for study and creative activities of a preschool child, the author was in the position of a parent looking for quality and affordable equipment for children’s rooms. It focused mainly on the durability of the material, which is the key not only to the economic but also the ecological side of things.

And the jury was also interested in the work of Jan Kulhánek. He won a bronze medal for a ferry to Prague / Transport Ship for Prague. The Vokoun of this young author is a 9-meter long transfer ship designed for Prague, used to transport 12 people. In his work, Jan focused mainly on the safety side of things, comfort, and easy maintenance. One of its main goals was to combine traditional and modern ship design.

Overview of winners of individual categories:

Product and industrial design

1st place Ondřej Pechal with the work Cast Iron Radiator Edudant

2nd place Kateřina Klímová with her work The Furniture for Preschool Children collection.

3rd place Jan Kulhánek with his work Ferry boat for Prague

Fashion design

1st place Karolína Čechová with the work Inner Sanctum.

2nd place Ngoc Yen Tran with work VOL.02 – UPCYCLED SNEAKERS.

3rd place Nino Goderidze with the work Entropy – Graduate Fashion Collection.

Communication design

1st place Julie Dítětová and Jáchym Moravec with the work Czech

2nd place Adam Komůrka with the work Be DIGITAL!

3rd place Aneta Roubíčková with the work With My Eye.

Those who had to choose from the huge number of works from all over the world were  Ladislav Škoda, Tescoma chief designer, Richard Vodička, egoé studio director, Sebastian Gier, BMW designer, Joana Lacerd, The Power House coach and startup director, Tereza Rosálie Kladošová, fashion designer and set designer, Filip Koubek, co-founder of the leading Czech motion design studio Motionhouse and Veronika Pařízková, editor-in-chief of the web magazine Czechdesign, the main media partner of Zlin Design Week.

Already the 12th year of the international Best in Design competition offered young talents the opportunity to break into the world of design. The jury selected from more than three hundred entries from various parts of the world. We are all looking forward to Best in Design 2022 and we hope to meet again in Zlín next year!