Moving online? Not so fast. Exhibitions between physical and virtual environments.

Samu Szemerey is an architect and urban planner. He is the co-founder and content director
of the KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center and the main expert at Lechner Nonprofit Ltd,
where he works on the development of urban services and the coordination of smart city programs
in Hungary. He specializes in the overlap of technologies, cultural and creative industries
and the built environment.

And what can you look forward to at his lecture?

„I plan to discuss the dilemma of hybrid (online –⁠ offline) exhibitions. This issue is, of course, very
important today, because of the pandemic restrictions and survival of cultural institutions, but it is also
a bigger problem for museums and exhibitions in general in the digital age. Online culture transforms
archival systems, audience behavior, and reading strategies, as well as curatorial approaches to the
concept of the exhibition as “closed,” finished artifacts. From a design point of view, there could be
a stronger focus on aspects of exhibition design that are not replicable and resilient to digitization
using digital and online formats as tools to bring the physics experience closer to the audience.”