Anything Else Besides the Logic of Gaming and Film?

Maja Ćirić is an award-winning curator and art critic with experience in leading international
projects. She has experience with several world biennials and is currently working on two
exhibitions exploring artificial intelligence in the context of science and art.

For example, Maja took part in a project called BOTH WAYS, in which five European countries
organized an exhibition of contemporary art as part of the city’s science festival from 29 August
to 6 September 2020 in Trieste. It is a physically polycentric and replicated, widespread online
exhibition that is available worldwide to virtually anyone who enters it with their avatar.

Link here: 

During the lecture, Maja will try to explain whether we are only in the digital Palleolite in the sense
that all we are doing is borrowing the logic of gaming and film. Or, is there a way to alter the digital