Just like every year, you can look forward to workshops from the world of design.

The impact of ethics on service and product design

Good design delivers results. Excellent design delivers them while doing no harm. Anyone who strives for excellence needs to adopt a habit of asking themselves the question, “Who might get harmed by our decisions before we enact them?”
In order to develop this habit, we need to turn design thinking on its head. Instead of reducing complexity, we need to embrace it by respecting the needs of end users as well as everyone else who is impacted by the product or service throughout its lifecycle.
This workshop is open to anybody (regardless of their professional title or affiliation) who wants to know what it takes to consider the potentially harmful consequences of a decision. We will explore the topic in a playful way, using two specialized card games – The Thing From The Future and Moral Agent.

Workshop with Branko Popovic

The theme of supporting young designers and interdisciplinarity in fashion.


Everyone is lying to us, the earth is flat and it’s all Bill Gates’ fault? There is a lot of false information on the internet. How is it spread and created? Why is it that our lazy brains don’t help us much and it’s easy to fall for tempting untruths? Bring your class to the first disinformation exhibition in the Czech Republic and let them experience one of the key topics of media literacy. In 45 minutes, they will talk to lecturers and try to solve the disinformation mystery themselves in a game.


Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to evolve both personally and professionally? This workshop brings together tried and tested methods in Inclusive Design to give you an exciting workshop for your development. These ideas have been used to help over 300 organisations become more innovative, people-centred and creative, including major business, governments and the third sector. They work!

It will help you become a more effective and creative force. This is a workshop for those who want to be the change-makers of tomorrow, and is for everyone including designers, business people, marketers, academics, entrepreneurs and those from the public sector.

The topic will focus on critical social issues including accessibility, displaced individuals, and the situation driven by the current events in the Ukraine. You will see how design can help fellow humans who most need it. This is an important part of innovation in the 21st Century and this will be the first opportunity to experience this workshop in Zlin.


The workshop is aimed at developing your creative thinking, finding new solutions and innovations and will also introduce you to the basic rules of brainstorming, prototyping or conducting empathetic conversations. Design Thinking and its methods are applicable in many fields of work and study and provide new perspectives on the problems to be solved.


How to design for intergenerational meetings?The workshop will consist of conversations and creative excercises focused on intergenerational design. In the workshop Herman will be taking the participants through a set of ideation tools that can nurture creative thinking. The focus question asks, how to design a product so that it nurtures intergenerational meetings? The design ideas will be tailored to disciplines of each participant.

Herman is a design masters student, currently working on his Masters Diploma in Strategic Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. His Masters project focuses on how we can design for intergenerational friendship and a broader social inclusion of older generations in Norway. He comes to Zlin to share, discuss and understand the perceptions of a universal design internationally.