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Mariana Chytilová

Freelancer, and her other positions include - at People in Need: Accessibility Designer, at Czech Television: Inclusive Designer and at CAMP: Accessibility Designer

Mariana Chytilová is devoted to mapping the accessibility of spaces, services, people and information. She embraces the principles of inclusive design, which belong not only to architecture and urban planning, but also to education, culture, technological innovation and business. She strives to make environments, services and information accessible to all without discrimination.
She is a graduate of Disability Studies at Syracuse University, and a doctorate from Masaryk University and a degree in Drama for the Deaf from the JAMU Theatre Department. She makes public institutions, film festivals, private galleries, and television applications more accessibleto all.
She is currently collaborating with the organization People in Need, the Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning IPR Prague and Czech Television. She is an advocate of inclusive design and all-weather swimming. She has one husband, two daughters and a lot of questions.

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About talk:

Helping with inclusive design? Forget it.

Zlín Congress Center Language: czech

We often associate inclusive design with people with disabilities. Someone other than ourselves. Someone we should be helping. But what if help isn't what's needed? What if the people around us have the same needs as we do: to function independently - to study, to work, to buy a coffee, to go to the bathroom during a design festival, to buy a t-shirt in an e-shop or to elect a new president? Let me introduce you to three stories where I tried to help with design and I stumbled. And I'll offer you a tool to design services inclusively so that everyone benefits without distinction.