Fashion show and cultural programme

Fashion show 2022

On Sunday 8 May 2022, Zlin Design Week will be accompanied by a live Fashion show for the first time, which will take place in the Zlín Castle. The show boasts a roster of nine designer collections, behind which are Lukáš Krnáč, Michaela Hriňová (Aimoffcl), UTB graduate Tamara Koperová, Studio 3 and many other interesting young talents. Zlin Design Week has also decided to support the singer Giudi, who will complement the Fashion Show with her live performance.



Young Aesthete Concert

The Young Esthete band’s stream has started at 9 pm on May 7, 2021. During his relatively short time in the music world, Matěj Herceg was a frontman for the well-known Apparat and did several club nights. This time he was shining at Zlin Design Week. Visitors were able to enjoy this music performance via YouTube stream.

Concert of the band Hello Marcel

Sunday’s (May 9, 2021) concert of the band Hello Marcel, which has been streamed live on YouTube, was available to all fans of music that is full of jokes and awesome beats. The duo of musicians from Svitavy has given a number of concerts and everyone will fall in love with their lyrics with the themes of food and motherly love.

Concert dné

Dné is Ondřej Holý, who has already released 4 EPs and played over 50 concerts. Among other things, Ondřej composed music for the HBO documentary film Nothing like Before. So visitors has enjoyed nothing else but quality on May 11, 2021!

Concert of the the band TELETEXT and All Style Unit perfomance

At the end of the entire Zlin Design Week on May 14, 2021, visitors has enjoyed a live concert by the Teletext band and the All Style Unit performance group.

TELETEXT is a project that was created in 2017 in Zlín and over time moved to Prague. The duo of Martin and Nicolas, performing under the pseudonyms A +++ and Atch, focuses on techno and trance.
Dance group All Style Unit, focuses mainly on street dance styles, but also elements of stage dance and contemporary. He has been working in Zlín and Vsetín for 15 years, where together they create and develop art that they do not forget to pass on from generation to generation. This year, as part of the cooperation between ASU and ZDW, an original performance will be created, which will make the festival’s online program special.