Exhibition ZDW 2022

In 2022, we plan to open the topic of universal design with a discussion with the public, visitors, designers, architects, students and professionals. We are interested in how they perceive the public space in which they move – whether it is accessible, safe and creative for all groups that share it.

We will offer a space for discussion about a possible view of the principle of universal design and a space for inspiration. We will show how the principle is perceived by the current generation of young designers and architects who will shape our surroundings in the coming years. We will create opportunities for the development of specific solutions, interdisciplinary cooperation and contact with the users themselves.

Design and Architecture Norway participates in the preparation of the exhibition together with Creative Prague.

Best in Design exhibition Best of ’22

They are under 30 and are shaping the future of design with their ideas. The Best in Design – Best of ´22 exhibition will present the award-winning designers of the 13th edition of the international Best in Design competition and will take you into the corners of their ideas and among the questions they are seeking answers to with their work. The exhibition will present a total of 30 selected Best in Design 2022 competitors, winners and finalists. Our aim is to showcase the visions of a new generation of designers and the themes that resonate through their work.

Long Life

While life expectancy is still increasing, the lifespan of products, services and information is shortening. While the chances of living to old age have been very certain until recently, our future has become very uncertain in recent months.

Students from three Central European universities took part in the Long Life project to show that design, art and architecture can help find possible solutions to the various areas affected by the phenomenon of aging. Some of their ideas are practical and feasible, others are provocative visions for further reflection.

The young designers approached the subject from a very different and sometimes surprising point of view, from designing inclusive UX smartphone designs to very stylish yet highly functional furniture, from smart therapeutic aids to an ironic look at their own virtual existence.

They Wrote It on the Internet…

It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish fake news and rumours on the internet. Despite the fact that many organisations or media literacy teachers try to explain how to work with information, everyone falls for misinformation nowadays. This is not the only reason why students of the Digital Design Studio at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of TBU have taken on misinformation and developed a set of tools to help us understand how to resist untruths that are often so tempting.

Students designed interactive educational tools for media education classes. According to experts, media education in the Czech Republic is vastly undervalued, yet it has enormous potential to prepare students for the life that awaits them – an online life full of misinformation.

what previous ZDW exhibitions looked like?

Zlin Design Week 2021

Exhibition ZDW 2021

The Zlin Design Week exhibition was composed of projects that completely fulfill the basic idea of ​​Zlin Design Week. The two lines of the main theme of Cooperation were depicted mainly on the cooperation of university studios and participatory design.

The exhibition presented dozens of innovative projects by which universities enter the field of business or public space, as well as participatory projects of students and universities at the local and international level.

As a visitor, you could visit this exhibition in the Kunstmatrix virtual space via our website. The concept of the exhibition was created within the ZDW Exhibition Design Lab project supported by the Visegrad Fund and was designed by Anika Kronberger from FH Joanneum Gratz.

Curator: Romana Veselá


Design is naturally a collaborative process, during which a number of experts from various artistic, technical and purely marketing or political positions take part in the final work.

The OKOLO creative group has prepared one-minute educational videos that show the confrontation of real objects with an abstract environment. They also represent their formal and functional qualities. They are putting ambitions in this project to create a comprehensive collection of moving pictures.

Curator: Adam Štěch