Designing a video exhibition: bringing a physical experience into the screen

The second speaker at ZDW Exhibition Design Lab is Lorenzo Gerbi – a dutch designer,
art director and cultural producer. He brings his design background in the cultural field
as a cultural producer and curator, especially for events in the field of visual effects,
digital cinema, audiovisual performance, video art. As part of Durch Design Week,
he created the concept of a video exhibition, which created a temporary film set that
should bring a physical experience, but in a completely different way.

„An online exhibition often becomes a 2D layer, which sometimes creates the illusion
of space through 3D models that are eventually flattened by a screen. Designing a video
projection should not be about replicating a physical exhibition, but about finding a new
format that can achieve the same goals, but in a different form.” says Lorenzo.

Lorenzo will focus his lecture on the presentation of the Economia Video Exhibition,
which works with the exhibited works on the principle of film production. Thanks to this,
the audience gets closer to the exhibited works almost at hand, but from a distance
in the online space.

You can find more information about Economia Video Exhibition here: