The design canteen is our covid baby. The Facebook group, which brings together designers of different backgrounds, from different schools, cities, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has grown to include podcasts and will turn into an offline space for meeting, networking and discussion during ZDW.

About Design CANTEEN

At times when everyone else was trying to find shelter inside their homes, our Zlin Design Week team wanted to create a safe space where the designers still can meet each other. And that is how our covid baby – Design CANTEEN came to this world.

It all started on Facebook

Design CANTEEN started as a Facebook group where designers can find and share interesting ideas, to look at the things from different angles and enjoy unexpected online connections. While organizing Zlin Design Week we have found ourselves that you can find inspiration even outside of your branch and that it is often the case. And this new connection should not be functioning only for one week in the year, but nonstop. 

Design CANTEEN is therefore a space for designers of all tastes and talents. All together we serve a multi-course menu: as a starter you can look forward to discussions about the boundaries of design and taste, the main course will be a choice of inspiration from world´s and Czechoslovak cuisine and the highlight of each day will be the dessert – cooperation and mutual enrichment.

Design of all tastes Podcast

And even this is Design CANTEEN! Since 2021, you can listen to designers’ conversations on topics that affect their work and thinking. How do they move on the edge of art and design, how do they take into account sustainability and establish collaborations? In thematically focused mini series, we talk with designers not only from the Czech Republic or Slovakia and we want to know their perspective.

So put on your headphones and join in the discussion.