Curating in Pandemic Times: from Challenges to Advantages

The next speaker who will share with you her experiences with you in the ZOOM at the
ZDW Exhibition Design Lab Conference is Helena Nikonole. She is an artist of new media
and independent curator. 

Helena is interested mainly in a hybrid art, new aesthetics, the Internet of things and
artificial intelligence.  You can find Helena´s work all over the world, from Norway,
through Russia or Japan. Helena also educates others in digital and online exhibitions
and other events. She is also interested in potential opportunities for technology and
its risks that scientists and technoevangelists are unaware of. 

And what will Helena share with you? 
„In my presentation I will share my artistic and curatorial experience in organizing online
events: from FORECAST2022 online festival to Datasets vs Mindsets: Post-Soviet
Explorations of the Digital Control Society. I’m going to describe typical problems as well
as benefits inherent in working on online projects.”