Does it seem to you that the time of the end of the ZDW Conference and the beginning of its afterparty doesn’t fit? Not at all! On the way you should visit several places we have selected for you.

1. 5. 2022 | Eva Prstkova

If you are reading this article, it means that the ZDW Conference is around the corner, or even already underway. It’s a stone’s throw (by Prague standards) from the Congress Centre to Jedním tahem, where the famous afterparty will take place. But it’s a route full of places that will make you use it. Ready to go?

Okay, now you’re full of design, what else do you need to be happy? Well that’s clear, a drive that kicks not only your creativity – good coffee! You’ll definitely love the recently opened Pikola. However, closing time is already at 5pm, so you’ll have to hurry to get your caffeine fix. As Zlín will be full of designers and enthusiasts at that moment, the cafes will of course be the perfect place to discuss the findings of the Conference.

Although the Design and Inspiration Conference will keep your spirits up, you’ll probably need something to fill your stomach too. The closest place to eat a great meal is Bůrger. The location definitely gets plus points too, as Komenský Park is a Zlín oasis for the soul.

In the interest of your satisfaction, a strict team jury tested (almost) all Bún bò Nam Bộ in Zlín. The result? You can get the best in PHOlévkárna! So if we were to say what Zlín design tastes like, it would actually taste like this.

If you’re a lover of fries (who isn’t), you’ll find Faency fries just down the road at Náměstí Práce. A good dose of fries with awesome sauces – just what you need! Or are you looking for a more traditional restaurant? You may have already noticed the Department Store, one of Zlín’s landmarks, and its smog-free facade can be spotted from afar. Inside, you’ll find the Bistrotéka- the menu traditionally offers a wide range of dishes from pasta, to sirloin steak, to buns with shodo.

Belly full, but still some time left before the after party? Go for architecture and design!

The 21st building, also known as the Bata skyscraper, never gets old. Just go to the top floor of the office building, which was designed by architect Vladimír Karfík, and then just admire the bricks of Zlín from above. Between “Jednadvacítka” and Jední tahem, where you’re heading to the afterparty, is the factory complex, which you can explore more closely thanks to the Zlín Architectural Manual.

Zlin Design Week also includes the 100 Years of Zlín Design project, which focuses on the reflection of the phenomenon of Zlín industrial design. The first part of the exhibition, focusing on design in transport, architecture and the history and present of this sector, can be seen in 14/15 Bata Institute. The exhibition continues at 61st Building (you’re almost one step away from One Move), where it showcases the products of major companies from the region. On the day of the Conference, the exhibition will have extended opening hours until 7pm, so you’ll be able to catch it nicely before the afterparty.

And at 19:00 we are waiting for you with a drink in your hand at Jedním tahem!