Why should Doubtsigner and Procrastinator take the time to fill out the Best in Design application?

21. 2. 2022 | Karolína Žáková

The deadline for international competition Best in Design is approaching fast, and if you’re still hesitant to apply, you can possibly see yourself as one of the designer types described below. Check the design “horoscopes” of those personalities and decide if you are one of them or not. Even with arguments that can help you to decide if you should apply.

1. Busygner

You’re a pretty busy designer who doesn’t have time for anything. You usually have multiple projects going on at once, you’re always busy running errands and managing your studies on top of your work. So why would a busygner like you cut a chunk out of your time and submit your designs to Best in Design? Thanks to how much you’ve already created, you have a great chance to find just the one among your projects that will earn you the title of Best in Design 2022. Besides the chance to win the title, you’ll have an opportunity to relax a little bit during the networking, compare your ideas with other designers, and maybe you’ll even win a financial support of € 1,500 which sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

2. Doubtsigner

I can’t do it. I don’t know that much yet. I’ll just embarrass myself out there. There’s no point in even trying, I know I won’t get picked. If you repeat mantras like that in your head, you’re a Doubtsigner. They’re typical for those with constant underestimation and low self-esteem. Often they are their own worst enemy, crippling them on their quest for success. Trying to climb Mount Everest without prior training doesn’t sound like a good idea, but that’s not the case for Best in Design. All you have to do is take that first step and fill out an application! It doesn’t cost you anything, just a bit of courage. Every project has a chance, as long as you’ve taken the time to think it through as best you could. Nothing is ever perfect! So go for it and maybe you’ll surprise yourself and others!

3. vicedesigner

This type generally includes those who have already had some success and may feel that entering such a competition is completely pointless for them. So what does participating in Best in Design have to offer to you as an Vicedesigner? Maybe the fact that your project can reach even more people and become an inspiration for lots of others. Plus you get to hear feedback from other interesting personalities and most importantly – you just never know who you might bump into and if they’ll take you one step further.  

4. Postponer

If you’re one of those designers who likes to put off basically everything until the very last minute, you’re an exemplary Postponer. But can it all wait, until next year… or the year after that? Stop right there! What if this is the last year of the competition? What if you forget about it next year? Now is your chance to shine and show what you’ve got, so don’t wait too long to get there! Maybe 2022 will open the door to opportunities you never dreamed possible. And remember that in the end we mostly regret those chances which we’ve missed and hardly ever those which we went for. Your time is now! 

Everyone is different and that applies twice as much to designers. If you have found yourself in at least one of these personality types, hopefully we have helped you to realize that applying for Best in Design makes sense! (And perhaps we have even entertained you a little bit) Anyway give it a try and fill in the application before it’s too late! Otherwise you would have to wait patiently either for next year or eternity..