Spending a night in Zlín? Then only in the Moskva Hotel! Want to know why?

13. 5. 2021 | Martina Jelínková

In addition to accommodation in the very heart of Zlín, the architectural gem also offers a unique atmosphere of functionalism.

Impressive dimensions and humble elegance at the same time. This is the Moskva Hotel, one of the most important buildings in Eastern Moravia. The building is daily reminiscent of the 1930s, the period of the greatest industrial development of the city of Zlín.

At the birth of the hotel was a simple intention – to provide housing for up to 700 tourists and business travelers, while at the same time creating a unique and breathtaking space for social life.

As part of Zlin Design Week, animator and illustrator Eliška Podzimková with her friend Julia, Dominika Kučinská, and Vojtěch Frajt from the PR agency 2media were accommodated in the Moskva Hotel. Thank you Moskva, for this opportunity and cooperation.

A touch of history, but modern living

Who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a 1933 hotel? The construction of the hotel was started according to the project of the architect Miroslav Lorenc. However, due to the author’s disagreements with the Baťa company, the work was stopped, and subsequently the architects F. L. Gahura and Vladimír Karfík were invited to design a model hotel room, including equipment. And Tomáš Baťa, who financed the construction of the hotel, surprisingly chose Karfík’s design. More than Gahur’s design of the floor with shared bathrooms, he liked the luxurious design of the rooms. Karfík was inspired by hotels in America, which offered all the necessary comfort and a high standard.

What catches your eye at the hotel is its façade. Thanks to its constructivist concept with the use of vertical columns of the skeleton and the regular alternation of rectangular horizontally divided windows of the American type with inter-window gray joint masonry, the hotel building is still a much-admired monument.

The Moskva Hotel underwent extensive renovations several years ago. The rooms are modernly equipped, they can accommodate an individual, a couple and you can also rent an apartment here.

You will not die of hunger or thirst!

Even lovers of gastronomy and good beer will enjoy themselves. The Moskva Hotel has four restaurants and a café. Have a good steak in the Irish pub Legenda, taste local specialties in the Bohéma restaurant, or go bowling and eat a nice pizza with friends. You can then spend the morning in the Denní kavárna and then have a business meeting in the representative Lobby Bar.

And the local Takovna will convince you about the fact that not only wine is the reason to visit Moravia. They offer a rich selection of beers from local breweries and beer specialties.

The best of Zlín right from the window

Directly from the rooms of the eleven-floors Moskva Hotel, you can see Baťa’s skyscraper with the legendary mobile office and the first high-rise building, the Zlín Department Store, and the Baťa plant complex.

At a conference in Moskva

Moskva Hotel offers two large congress halls and five smaller lounges for rent. Whether you are planning a lecture, training, gala evening or just a small corporate or family gathering, know that you will find suitable and representative spaces in the Moskva Hotel for this purpose.

And if you only have a little time left, don’t forget to visit the Tomas Bata Memorial, with the reconstructed Junkers plane in which Bata tragically died, the Bata Institute, Zlín Castle with the adjacent park, or go to have fun at the Lešná Zoo, which is one of the most beautiful zoos in Central Europe.

Whether in the future your steps will take you to the Moskva Hotel for a visit to the Zlin Design Week festival, or you will go elsewhere, you will definitely enjoy the nights spent in one of the most important Moravian buildings!