The love of design goes through the stomach. How to enjoy Zlin Design Week to the fullest?

9. 5. 2021 | Vendy Procházková

Several workshops, exhibitions, the ZDW Conference, and the announcement of the Best in Design results. There’s so much to see and do, but who would be able to do it on an empty stomach, right? We don’t want a hungry audience at ZDW!

And that’s why we have prepared for you a small guide of the Zlín gastronomic establishments, which you can visit for the whole week (even after it), and thus gain energy for everything that awaits you within this year’s festival. From window to window, of course, according to the pandemic rules.

What if you get hungry or thirsty?

Have you ever wondered how much design you manage to consume when eating one french fry? No? We recommend trying this experiment at Faency Fries. For sure, get yourself the biggest ones, because once you start consuming the design… You can choose from several flavors of sauces as well as from various lectures within the Conference.

Before a proper meal in Bůrger is prepared for you, you will have time to take a look at all KOMA modules in Comenius Park (and maybe even buy a design piece in our design shop). Both carnivores and vegetarians will enjoy themselves in this restaurant, and with a bunch of friends, it tastes best.

And since it already seems like a relaxing day in the park, you should also take care of your drinking regime. Right there is the popular Pštros (=‘ostrich’) bar. There are no real ostriches (yet), but there is awesome raspberry soda, beer, or Aperol. We will definitely see us among the people in the queue there.

It’s not only Moravian specialties in Zlín. You will also find Vietnamese cuisine served by the popular PHOlévkárna. Spoiler alert: Pho is not the only thing that will make your tummy happy. You won’t find a better bum bo nam bo elsewhere, which is why it is the first choice of every lover of Asian delicates.

If you get hungry near Kvítková Street, keep calm. Because that’s where you can stop at the Comic Cone Foodtruck. Food on wheels? What else could you wish for? Mac n cheese or a huge meat burger with shredded meat? You are already hungry, we know. You better follow @comiccone_foodtruck on Instagram so you know where you can find them.

Freshly ground grains and cakes.

Such a design marathon can be exhausting even for experienced consumers, and without a regular dose of caffeine, no one is able to get to the next day (#beentheredonethat). So what coffee stations should you stop at during the week?

You can start, for example, in Jedním tahem. Sugar, coffee, lemonade, tea, rum … They have it all. This popular place will get you like it right from the outside and even more inside – their jungle of plants is the best. You can find it in the industrial part of Zlín and you will probably always come across someone with whom you can discuss the results of the Best in Design competition over a cake there.

Because the journeys from/to Zlín can be quite tiring, you can head to the nearby Kavárna Továrna right from the station. Take a coffee and a dessert with you and set out to explore the brick town.

This wandering can inadvertently take you to a few dubious streets in the center, hidden somewhere behind Tesco. Don’t worry, you’re going right. That’s where the mecca of all coffee lovers  KAFÖ is. If Milan (usually the one behind the coffee maker) does not exhaust you with his explanation of the grains’ origin, you will be able to go through one online ZDW exhibition while having a batch brew in your hand.

Wondering where to go for a hot chocolate, cakes, or wine at sunsets? The answer is Malá Scéna. So relax, listen to our podcast, and go for something good.

Kafec Zlínský is the best choice for breakfast. Waffles, scrambled eggs, and smoothies. Breakfast is the basis of every ZDW day, so don’t underestimate it. Even though you have to climb a hill there, the delicious reward is worth it.

Are you thinking about where you will go first? Wherever it is, don’t forget to enjoy your gastronomic experience and send us a review.