Who has the chance to win the Best in Design 2021 title? Meet the finalists!

5. 5. 2021 | Vendy Procházková

Already the 12th year of the international Best in Design competition offers young talents the opportunity to break into the world of design. Designers may compete in the following categories: Product & Industrial Design, Fashion Design, and Communication Design. The awards are given both in individual categories and within the entire competition – the creator who will be the most interesting for the professional jury will receive the absolute winner of the Best in Design 2021 title.

We already know the jury’s evaluation this year, we know the finalists, but who will win the Best in Design 2021 title and € 1,500 with that? We will find out on Friday, May 7, at 7:00 pm during the online announcement of the results, which will be hosted by actor and singer Jan Cina.

Before we introduce all the finalists to you, let’s repeat who were the ones who were deciding.

The jury included Ladislav Škoda, chief designer of Tescoma, Richard Vodička, director of Studio egoé, Sebastian Gier, BMW designer, Joana Lacerda, coach and director of The Power House startup, Tereza Rosálie Kladošová, fashion designer and set designer, Filip Koubek, co-founder of the leading Czech motion design studio Motionhouse, and Veronika Pařízková, editor-in-chief of the web magazine Czechdesign.

Finalists in the Product & Industrial Design category

Ondřej Pechal – Cast Iron Radiator Edudant

Edudant is looking for a contemporary and timeless form for traditional cast iron radiators. Its morphology follows this tradition, purifies the form of historicisms, uses the specifics of technology and emphasizes the principle of the radiator’s function.

Kateřina Klímová – Collection of furniture for preschool children

When creating this collection of furniture for study and creative activities of a preschool child, the author was in the position of a parent looking for quality and affordable children’s room equipment.

Jan Kulhánek – Transport ship for Prague

Vokoun from this young author is a 9-meter long transport ship designed for Prague and should be used to transport 12 people.

Barbora Bezděková and Jakub Žanony – TUBE – Coffee Machine

Lever coffee machine operating on the principle of the classic Mocca teapot. The authors designed a modern coffee machine with preserved ritual elements of coffee preparation.

Finalists in the Communication Design category

Julie Dítětová and Jáchym Moravec – Czech flag.online

In 2020, the Czechoslovak flag celebrated one hundred years of its existence. The aim of the authors was to create a tool that will allow the Czech flag to be well recognized and used correctly.

Adam Komůrka – Be DIGITAL!

Applicants for artistic fields often have no idea what the concept of digital design entails, so they prefer graphic design. With his work, Adam informs about the field of digital design as such.

Aneta Roubíčková – WITH MY EYES

What is it like to live with a visual impairment? The author created a project where we can use virtual reality to try what it is like to live with eye disease.

Finalists in the Fashion Design category

Karolína Čechová – Inner Sanctum

As the name INNER SANCTUM suggests, it is a kind of insight into the human body. The collection is inspired by the character of fascia.


The project is focused on the upcycling of sneakers. This means transforming/modifying footwear that would otherwise end up in a landfill, or incinerator.

Nino Goderidze – Entropy – Graduation Fashion Collection

The author’s collection focuses on the private tragic stories of people.


Sight determines the form of objects and spaces that surround us. However, touch is crucial as well, and the absence of various tactile stimuli in us can result in frustration.

Bedřiška Burešová – Different

The author’s goal was to create jewelry for people who may have a problem with movement restrictions or only for those who have a problem with wearing earrings.

So, do you have your favorite? Then you shouldn’t forget to join here on Friday, May 7, 2021, to know the results among the first!