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Michaela Holubec Birtusová and Jarmila Řehořková work for the non-governmental organization CzechDesign, whose aim is to inspire the Czech public and businesses to use design and to show them the way to collaborate with designers. Michaela specializes in the production of design competitions. She has worked on projects both for the commercial sector (Nestlé, KMV, RATHGEBER) and for cities (Litoměřice, Liberec). When she explains exactly what she is doing to someone who is not in the sphere of design, she compares her work to the role of a translator. The world of design does not often understand the worlds of marketing and public administration. Jarmila holds the position of Communication Manager. She is responsible for communication of all projects in the organization, the shop, the magazine and also the design competitions.

About talk:

5th May 2020 Zlín Congress Center Language: czech

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