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Zlin Design Week 2017

21–28 April 2017Zlín, CZE

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Year 2017 and LIMITATIONS

More about ZDW

Zlin Design Week is back in town for the third time. Its purpose is to introduce design to visitors, educate them, and most importantly entertain them.

We are preparing exhibitions and installations made by well known companies and designers as well as by young talents. We are opening Design Shop, organizing workshops, and Conference Design & Marketing where the best people from branches will speak. We are organizing Best in Design Contest for young designers, previously known as Design Talent. All in all, we are trying to make unforgettable experience.

After last year’s theme Cash we are bringing another theme – Limitations. Limitations in design, restrictions given by people, as well as given by instructions, time, material. Our own limits. There are plenty of them. But are they always bad?
We want to show limitations as a good part of a creative process. They can lead us, inspire us, and push us forward. Limitations can be opportunities and impulses to create something new.

Conference Design & Marketing

Design – Brand – Story, Cash and this year's Limitations. This is the theme of this unique conference about design and marketing. Synergy of these two branches is obvious. One cannot be without the other one. And what about the Limitations? We invited the best Czech and foreign people from design and marketing branches who have something to say. Maybe you will find out what the only one limitation one can have is and how to turn it into an opportunity.

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Best in Design

Contest previously known as Design Talent is aimed at young designers from all over the world. What do we offer? Financial support for realizing your dream, an internship in design studio and recognition in the field of design. The jury comprising significant people will choose the winner of this contest. The deadline is February 13.

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